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So, you’re in a conversation with someone who’s clearly not noticing the confused look on your face. This person has gone off on a long-road tangent and is using words and acronyms that you’ve never heard before. What do you do?

Here are my suggestions (besides, you know, the obvious blank stare or “could you explain that?” responses):

1) The Brush-Off


  • “Nah, I’m not really a Star Wars geek.”
  • “Sorry, I don’t speak Swedish.”

2) The Signal
spock2.jpgSome friends and I have been trying to introduce the convention of throwing “star trek fingers” as a non-verbal signal that you need a definition. It’s less interruptive and more respectful. It just happens to be lacking a bit in widespread adoption, but I figure we can get past that… Try it sometime!

Heads up, this content is 17 years old. Please keep its age in mind while reading.

Count the clothing references in this livejournal page load error:

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  • Infinite loop in style or layer

Primary Question: How many do you see?

Silly Subquestion: Is this a subliminal branding technique to appeal to cutting-edge user groups?

Followup Question: Could it be?