Neat Stuff that I Forgot to Blogbrag About
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I heard a rumor that September starts tomorrow.  I’m certain this rumor is false and I fully intend to hunt down and interrogate whatever mischeivous internet prankster is trying to end summer early on us, so don’t worry.  But before I go do that, I just wanted to jot down a quick bulleted list of neat stuff that happened this summer which I would have blogged about if I hadn’t been so busy… you know… doing life.

  • I managed the redesign of (via Cerado and with the help of BlogHer’s awesome staff).  Here’s the before and after.
  • I was quoted in the New York Times in an article about blogging.
  • I launched (and I LOVE my new gig there as co-host).
  • I secretly started working on an incredibly interesting new startup that I’m not going to tell you about for awhile.
  • I joined the BlogHer Reach Out Tour, which will host conferences in six east coast cities in October, and I’ll be facilitating their Geek Lab.
  • Genderfork (my androgyny photo blog project) received an excellent review in Coilhouse yesterday.
  • I went to Burning Man.
  • I’m going to be performing (a hillarious story that I’m not going to share on the Internet) in the Sept 13 show of Working for the Weakened. You should come!

And you already know about my grandmother.  So I guess I had a pretty full summer.  And yeah.  Okay.  I think maybe it’s alright for it to end now.

Hello, Autumn.  Missed you.

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2 Responses to “Neat Stuff that I Forgot to Blogbrag About”

  1. deb on the rocks Says:

    I posted on Blogher today and thought about the new design and how much I like it, and found it was your gig. Nice.

  2. sarah Says:

    Thanks, Deb! I’m glad you like it!