Boffery: We’re Coming.
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Sooo….. this week, we accidentally launched a startup.


We were quietly going about our business, scheming and building and testing our hearts out, keeping things nicely under wraps… when all of a sudden we ended up on Valleywag. And then CNet News. Um, hai.

So… you want to know what we’re building. That’s a great question. Here’s a hint: it’s a lot less scary and outlandish than the press is making it out to be.  But hey — why take the fun out of things?  Go ahead and keep pretending that we’re out to ruin lives. We think it’s funny.

Oh, and by “we,” I mean there are four of us.

We’ll let you in on the action soon.  Until then, we recommend using your twitter, tumblr, and flickr vision.

Happy boffing!

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2 Responses to “Boffery: We’re Coming.”

  1. Emma McCreary Says:

    Oh that CNET lady cracked me up. Congrats on the pre-release buzz. I know if you are involved it can only be the GOOD kind of “sleazy website”. Maybe you could make bumper stickers that say “sleazy for all the right reasons” LOL. =)

    Just kidding. I know that it’s probably not sleazy at all, but entirely sociological and possibly socio-political and not to mention post-modern, queer, and oh…you know. “Cool”, in a San-Francisco kind of way.

  2. Blogg Says:

    Thank you!