Snippets from Work…
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“People commit to a sale for three reasons, in this order: The first is chemistry — they have to like you. The second is your ability to solve their problem. The third is price.”

— Our Director of Strategy


One of our clients turned to me at lunch and said, “You’re probably too young to remember the animated GIF, aren’t you?”

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3 Responses to “Snippets from Work…”

  1. Alan Bostick Says:

    So much for the “rational actor” theory of economics.

  2. Jeremiah Gould Says:

    That quote is the same from web development to shoe sales. Good job! hope all is well

  3. Daniel Widrew Says:

    i commit to a sale (or i like to think this is my order, at any rate) by how the sale solves my problem, and then if the price is over whatever this thing seems worth to me.

    we can’t forget animated gifs! we need them for our livejournal icons.