Special Broadcast from Workaholisma
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Of the past 43 hours, i have been in the office working for 34. This is what a large corporate website launch feels like, apparently. I’m still at the office.Still working.The launch is in two hours. And then we’ll continue to work.(did i mention it’s 6:30 AM on Monday morning and those 43 hours were my weekend?)

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3 Responses to “Special Broadcast from Workaholisma”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    School = easy

    …but not nearly as FUN!

  2. dabetswe Says:

    wow..girl! you work too hard! That’s 79% of your time spent working over the weekend???? hmmm…you best be partying hard next friday. you should take day off on your b-day.

  3. Lin Says:

    Let’s hope it wasn’t a lost weekend and that it’s a successful launch. School must be sounding like such an easy place to be right now, but also an impossible place to be considering your heavy workload.