People Who Can Ride Bikes up Steep Hills
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I had heard of this, but had never seen it. Once a month, at quittin’ time on Friday, hundreds and hundreds of bicyclists flood Market Street (SF’s downtown drag), effectively cutting off traffic for about half an hour. It’s called Critical Mass, and apparently it is an unorganized phenomenon that happens all over the world — often as an activist statement about environmentally-friendly transportation. So, at 6:30pm on Friday night, I was stepping out of the halloween store and getting ready to head home (my shopping bag contained some cat ears, a cat tail, and some fake claw nails… guess what I’m gonna be?). I looked out on the street before me, and saw hundreds of people on bicycles in costume. Cars honked furiously; the riders laughed and waved. It was beautiful, typical mayhem.

Unexpected Grammar Question Which of the options below is the correct way of communicating “more than one person who is capable of riding a bike”? a) People who can ride bikes.b) People who can ride a bike.The first one, when taken the wrong way, suggests that an individual is able to ride multiple bikes at once (maybe side-by-side, one butt cheek on one, one butt cheek on the other), and that there are more than one of such people in existence. Or maybe it just suggests that these people are each capable of riding more than one type of bike (say, a road bike and a mountain bike)?The second one, when taken the wrong way, suggests multiple people riding a single bicycle — maybe in the style of a chinese acrobatic pyramid.

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4 Responses to “People Who Can Ride Bikes up Steep Hills”

  1. Jennifer Jeffrey Says:

    What a great one to see, with everybody dressed up! Fun.

    I’m not even going to comment on the grammar question. Unexpected, indeed!

  2. beth Says:

    they do that in vancouver, too! every month! they go right by our front door. we turn on the front door camera on our tv to watch them if we’re home. fun! :)

  3. hurtstotouchfire Says:

    “people who can ride bikes” would be correct.

    [I just can’t help myself]

  4. hurtstotouchfire Says:

    More alsoer, CM is indeed rad as hell. We have it all the time in Berzerkley. Sometimes they go up my street in fact. Sometimes blaring “Hot Chocolate”.