Negative Viral Marketing Campaigns — Suicidal or Genius?
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In the last few weeks, there’s been a viral posting across liberal blogs on how to get free goods out of the Focus on Family website. Basically, Focus on Family is a right-wing conservative resource that has a donation-based online store. They sell DVDs, CDs, books, and other fun stuff. Some of it’s valuable to everyone — like the “Chronicles of Narnia” DVD. Some of it’s offensive propaganda, like “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality.” But the things is, it’s donation-based. And if you offer to donate $0, they’ll still place the order. So instructions have been spreading across the liberal blogs on the web on how to “hit these guys where it hurts” and get free stuff in the process. Today I learned that they’re no longer accepting orders that have a $0 donation. And with the onslaught of $0 orders they’ve received in the last few weeks, I’m sure they’re going to disregard most, if not all of them, anyway. So who won?After stepping back to look at it, it seems like Focus on Family won. They now have thousands of links to their website from places that don’t even like them. And even more people have *visited* their website and explored it thoroughly. They’ve received tons of bad publicity, but it’s still publicity. Their search engine rankings will absolutely benefit from this situation.And you know, it kinda makes me wonder if they were behind it all along….

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2 Responses to “Negative Viral Marketing Campaigns — Suicidal or Genius?”

  1. Empfehlungsmarketing Says:

    Hmm, never thought of that before, maybe I should have a deeper research done on that.

  2. Tyler Young Says:

    viral marketing is the best but you have to think of a great idea that goes viral”,’