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Let me tell you about a phenomenal woman named Sue Richards. Sue Richards lives in Canada. She started off on the “normal” life track — you know, go to school, get a job, be the best corporate monkey you can be… when suddenly, right smack dab in the middle of her default life, she realized she wanted to do so much more than sit at this boring desk. She threw her hands up in the air, screamed “SCREW THIS!” at the top of her Canadian lungs, and set out across the great land of “eh?” and “aboot” to do something phenomenal. Sue Richards became a social pioneer. Breast of CanadaA chunkful of fearless years later, she’s now the proud organizer of the multifaceted calendar project, Breast of Canada. On its sixth year of beauty, the Breast of Canada calendar is an incredible compilation of artistic photos and breast cancer awareness health information.Let me put it this way:

  1. You buy the calendar and hang it in your kitchen.
  2. You immediately have a fascinating conversation topic whenever someone comes over to visit, thus increasing your social prowess and reputation as a cultured, artistic, and interesting friend.
  3. You learn about and increase your awareness of breast health, body image, and general health.
  4. You feel good that the net proceeds of your purchase are going to help the Canadian Breast Cancer Network
  5. Every day you look at the calendar, you are reminded of the story of Sue Richards — the phenomenal woman who broke free of the daily grind to save the world one boob at a time.

Sold yet? Good. Now go buy your Christmas/Hannukah/Solstice/Yule/New Years gifts here:’ve got one. I’m also overexcited to get to January, just so I can start using it without looking too strange. Sue RichardsNow, back to Sue. Sue’s my hero for a lot of reasons. One is that she broke free of social restraint to do something phenomenal. Two is that she blogs in red satin gloves that stretch all the way up to her elbows. Three is that she runs an art collective. Four is that she tells the world about her menopause in a riveting must-read format. She is nothing short of outlandish, couragous, and fearless.Her other blogs include Calendar Girl, The Breast Views, and a local interest blog about her hometown, Guelph. I met Sue Richards at the Chéz Badgerbag Woolfcamp after the BlogHer ’06 conference. After bearing witness to her fearless presence, I bowed down before her and asked to be knighted a Breast Ambassador to the United States of America. She pulled out a four-foot long bejewelled sword with her red satin elbow-length gloves, tapped me on each shoulder with its razor-sharp blade, and blessed me. I moved mountains that day.

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One Response to “BOOBS!”

  1. gwendomama Says:

    BOOBS! BOOBIES!! BREASTS! good on ’em!
    I would love to be awed in the presence of Sue Richards…especially in this month of boobies! check out my new class – music and trauma!!
    what a timely boob post!