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A young woman with a shaved head smiles cheekily at the camera
My Story

My Younger Self is a Harsh Gatekeeper

When I decided it was time to update my website and begin writing publicly again, I immediately ran into a gatekeeper: my younger self.

A grassy labyrinth shown in a partially-loaded photo that is clear on the top and blurry at the bottom
My Story

January 2021 Update: Coming Into Focus

It’s been about a month since it became clear to me that I want to pursue a career in ADHD coaching for the queer community, and I can already tell things are going to keep shifting. I’m hoping this update series will give me a record of what really happened.

Sarah Dopp, a white woman with a shaved head, is wearing sunglasses, hoop earrings, and a black t-shirt and smiling for a selfie. There is a large empty stretch of salt flats in the background.
My Story

It’s time to begin.

Well, here we are, with me starting another blog. I’ve started dozens of blogs over the last 22 years—usually around major life changes, and wow,