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i heart blogherI spent four long days at my grandmother’s hospital bedside in New Hampshire and got back here just in time for BlogHer.  That is to say, I’ve been on emotional input overload for the last week, and my brains are a little muddled.  That is to say, the post that I’d like to write about where BlogHer is in the context of its own history and the broader evolution of social media will have to wait.  And so will the post about all the neat stuff I learned at panels this weekend.  In the meantime, I want to give you the post where I shower lots of people with the love that’s still ricocheting around in my brain from the last few days, because that’s what matters right now. That is to say, if you don’t like love, you should probably just stop reading.

Still here? Great! I’m in love with…

  • Mle-Mle for being extraordinarily gracious about the fact that I accidentally locked her out of my apartment and made her roam the streets of San Francisco without sleep for an entire night.
  • Susan Mernit for inviting me to speak on such an inspiring and affirming panel, and for moderating it with such skill and compassion.
  • Fivestar for showing up, for pointing me in the direction of the queers, for helping me flirt with the mommybloggers, and for sporting the hottest blog redesign I’ve seen in awhile.
  • JenB for being so beautifully warm, welcoming, and open when she sat next to me on the panel that I felt like I was chilling out with family instead of speaking in front of 100 people.
  • by Shannon RosaShuna for letting me turn into a cuddly fuzzy pet cat on more than one occasion, and for raising her hand to say (something like) When we own something about ourselves and put out it into the world, the people who want to criticize us can no longer use it against us.  
  • Elkit for hugging me for a full five minutes to help me get my bearings after a painful-to-face serious of panels when my mind and heart and body were already completely exhausted.
  • Amy for making so much space for me.
  • Koan for showing up and telling a hard story to tell, and an important story for people to hear.
  • Nicole Simon for laughing with me as we ate messy Chinese food over a display of $900 shoes at Macy’s.
  • Lisa Williams for wearing dead sexy cowboy boots and for calling me the “Queer Oprah.”
  • Angryrock for crashing the conference (crash! smash! bash!) and for griping up a storm of entertainment.
  • Debbie and Laurie for being consistent voices of strength, reason, guidance, and encouragement. Always.
  • Me in the underwear dept at Macy's, by Liz HenryLiz Henry for licking chocolate off my face and letting me bounce my breasts gratuitously on her head.
  • The Queen of Spain for attempting to introduce me to one of the heads of the Obama campaign while I bounced my breasts gratuitously on Liz Henry’s head, and for gracefully changing the subject by asking me to go hug her husband innappriately on her behalf.
  • Deb Roby for becoming stronger and more gorgeous every day.
  • Maria Niles for slipping me a new vibrator (shhh!).
  • Stephanie for telling her story with an honest smile.
  • Jess for telling her story with honest eye contact.
  • Schmutzie for being a totally charming real person and getting into a mutual-fangirl-oglefest session with me.
  • Denise for hugging me just slightly more often than she teased me.
  • Carfi for getting the word out about the fact that we’ve built the best damned conference widget EVAR, for making me continually proud of my work, and for always wearing a conspicuous hat.
  • Jenijen for kissing me on the cheek whenever she walked by me.
  • Kirrily for pre-stalking me, finding me, and getting me super excited about the direction women’s spaces are moving with O’Reilly conferences.
  • Beth Kanter for sidling up to share tech tips, happy life news, and stories about how her kids are becoming dangerously similar to me.
  • Sean for being the most attractively dressed human being at the conference (sorry, ladies).
  • Genie for standing up tall in all the ways I like to think I would, too, if I were paying as much attention to the world as she does.
  • Lisa, Jory, and Elisa — BlogHer’s founders and fearless leaders — for winning my heart, devotion, and adoration forever and ever and ever.

There’s more.  I’m just too wrapped up in love pillows to keep typing.  You’ll have to take my word for it — the rest of them are amazing, too.

And on that note, thank you everyone for fantastic weekend!  See you again in the fall for the BlogHer Reach-Out Tour (which — yay! — I’ll be tagging along for)!

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11 Responses to “BlogHer is Love”

  1. Lia Says:

    Loved hearing you in the “Coming Out” session. You are amazing and beautiful! BTW, I am a “mommy blogger” that missed out on some flirting. Damn!

  2. Fivestar Says:

    Thank you so much for getting my ass out to Blogher. I had an amazing time, learned a lot, and met some wonderful people. My heart and brain feel really big. Sending love back to you!

  3. Angryrock Says:

    That’s so uplifting and inspirational… BAAAARRRRRFFFFFFFF!!!!

    – Angryrock

  4. Amy Gahran Says:

    Thank *you* for making so much space for *me*!

    :-) :-) :-)

    – Amy

  5. Stephanie Quilao Says:

    It was a great honor to share the stage with you Sarah! Your loving energy helped me stay grounded during our panel. Such a blessing ;-)

  6. Beth Kanter Says:

    Sarah – as always great to see you!

  7. Elkit Says:

    That was the best hug of the weekend. And that’s saying something, because there lots of great hugs. My secret: I decided not to let go first. :-)

  8. tiffany Says:

    Gratuitous booby bouncing on heads is always a win.

  9. Megan Says:

    Congrats on today’s New York Times article! I started reading it to see if they mentioned Greek Tragedy, Stephanie Klein’s blog, and then I found yours. I’m sure it’s very exciting for all of you.

  10. MizFit Says:

    wrapped up in love pillows—that’s amazing.

    and kudos to you on the NYT mention.

    I musta missed it—-off to find.

  11. tnkgrl Says:

    I was thinking of going to BlogHer, but beyond some practical considerations (cost, time, job), I was a bit unsure on how welcome my gender otherness would be. Any feedback would be appreciated :)