Worst Case Scenario
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I was in a meeting last week trying to sell a website to a certain multinational conglomerate corporation that shall remain nameless, when the issue of worst case scenarios came up.

“What happens in the worst case scenario… ” the client representative started to ask, but then trailed off.

I offered to finish his thought: “You mean, if there’s a nuclear war, and our company is vaporized, and every other company in the world except for yours is suddenly gone, and you don’t know who’s going to take care of your website?”

He looked shocked and scared for a moment, but then pondered my point and replied by topping me: “No, I think the worst case scenario is the Internet disappears.”

He won. I turned white and went silent. I opened my mouth to reply with more wit, but no words could come out. The Internet? Disappear? WHAT?! How would I LIVE!? I WOULDN’T! EVERYTHING I DO AND KNOW IS ENTIRELY BASED ON THE INTERNET! I scraped for words, “But… but… but the Internet can’t diseappear!”

He laughed at me.

One of my colleagues offered support to the suggestion. “Actually, Stanford’s talking about killing the Internet and starting new with a clean slate…”

I glared at him…

…and spent the rest of the meeting visualizing a desolate post-nuclear apocolypse world that still had Internet.  Because there is no end to Internet.  It just is.

As it was in the Beginning, is now and ever shall be, Web without end…

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