The Pirate Store
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I have some old Writ buddies in town visiting right now, and they were asking about local culture. I told them about Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge, the pirate store….“The pirate store?””Yeah. The pirate store. 826 Valencia. You know, where you can pick up an extra wooden leg, eye patches, parrot food…”::blank stare::”Well, we’re a port city, you know, so it makes sense to have a pirate supply store. You can’t get everything via your looting and your pillaging. Sometimes you need to swing by 826 Valencia for your collapsable telescopes and such.” “So… there’s a pirate store in San Francisco.””Yeah… but maybe you know it better as the sister store to the superhero store in New York City.””Let me guess. Where you can pick up an extra cape?””Exactly! Sometimes they get tattered by passing airplanes, you know? It’s really a nuisance.””Of course… So let me get this straight. There’s a pirate store in San Francisco?“”Yes!“”You guys really do live on another planet, don’t you…”

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2 Responses to “The Pirate Store”

  1. Rachel (another Writ buddy) Says:

    FYI, there’s a pirate store in East Bay too. In case, the priates have looted the store in San Francisco and you and your friends need to re-stock on pirate equipment, you’re always welcome to come by to East Bay.

  2. dan Says:

    there’s one in seattle as well. maybe it’s a west coast thing.