Oooh, look! I’m the poster girl for BlogHerAds!
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“Like a lot of bloggers, Sarah Dopp, a San Francisco writer who attended the second annual BlogHer convention in San Jose on Saturday, wanted to know if she could make a few bucks off her gig. With a shaved head and wire-framed glasses, Dopp, 23, who comments about tech trends and Bay Area life at, pulls in an impressive 23,000 hits per month — just the kind of niche audience some advertisers would like to reach.”From Advertisers circle realm of blogging — Web journals could become the next marketing frontierJustin Berton, SF Chronicle

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21 Responses to “Oooh, look! I’m the poster girl for BlogHerAds!”

  1. Melissa Gira Says:

    Oh, dear. I can’t believe that writer was at BlogHer. Next time we meet, remind me to tell you about my experience with him.

    (I skipped out early last night to go home and write my book proposal…!? But look forward to seeing you again!)

  2. Jennifer Says:

    That’s where I found you, Poster Girl Sarah… I’m looking forward to browsing around and reading your archives.

    Sounds like BlogHer was a great event!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Melissa – you’ll definitely have to tell me about your experience with him. He seemed sincere, but kind of clueless about what was going on. And a book proposal? Wow. We should talk.

    Jennifer – glad you found me! Your journal is beautiful.

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