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The brilliant KingNixon writes:

Notice:i declare myself to be infallable. if i make a mistake, it was the correct mistake at the time.”

He was met with sarcasm, rebuttals, and laughter. But I agree with him. I think we’re all infallable in this sense. When I’m struggling with dillemmas or regret, another good friend of mine reminds me, “You only do what you really want to do.” If you were caught in a dillemma, and you made a choice, it was based on what was more important to you. There’s no sense in worrying or regretting. Even if it seems selfish or crazy or thoughtless at the time — you had a reason. And if you realize after the fact that your priorities were off, well, you just corrected them. And if you suffer horrible consequences for your actions, well, you’re learning (and it’s how you learn best). And you’ll make a different choice in the future. But you can’t change the past, or what your priorities were at the time. That’s just the way it went. Regret is a waste of energy. Move forward, grow, and remember you’re whole and perfect. I declare myself to be infallable. If i make a mistake, it was the correct mistake at the time.(Okay, now argue with me. I know you want to.)

Heads up, this content is 18 years old. Please keep its age in mind while reading.

My cousin, Katie is in Ecuador this year. She writes:

I couldn’t leave Quito this past weekend because of blockades on all roads leading to the capital. I also couldn’t walk to work because I have to walk past the presidential palace, which was completely guarded by tanks, soldiers, and lots of big GUNS! There were protests in high schools, many of which got out of hand and suppressed by the police with gas. It’s REALLY big news here. One of my students told me today that he wanted to start a huelga de los estudiantes (a student strike). He then chanted,”Viva el paro!” (paro=strike) He’s in 3rd grade. It would be a lot different to grow up in an unstable place with lots of political activity. They are learning from a very young age.Here are the articles about what’s going on…Ecuador Quells Indian Trade ProtestOffer Made to Settle Ecuador Oil Dispute

In the first article, the New York Times tells us:

Police fired tear gas at dozens of Indian demonstrators trying to reach the government palace Monday to protest free-trade talks with Washington this week that are expected to draw thousands of opponents to the capital.

And Katie adds:

ALSO,It’s not “Indians”; it’s “indigenous”.They’ve asked to be referred to as this and here that’s all people say…so we should probably start referring to them that way.

Heads up, this content is 18 years old. Please keep its age in mind while reading.

I’ve bought my plane ticket. Dabetswe Natasha (and hopefully Courtney Ann Smith) and I are flying from San Francisco to New Hampshire (where the Editor-in-Chief and most of the staff lives) for a weekend, bringing the leaders of the great literary community together for a rare opportunity to collaborate in person. For the span of April 8th and 9th, The Writ Team is having a weekend of meetings, brainstorming, and good wholesome Dover Soul fun. I have so many ideas for the site, and our hands have been tied because of funding and technology. We’re rounding up enough energy and support, though, that I believe we’ll be able to make it all happen soon. But, oh… it will be just 34 hours in New Hampshire for me. And of course I want to see my family, too. I don’t expect to sleep. And I will be back at work Monday morning, so this could all go under the category of “one of Sarah’s less intelligent and more impulsive” ideas.But it will be so worth it!