Reviews of my skills and qualities from those who've worked closely with me.

Listed by Area of Focus:

Community Management and Social Media Strategy

"Sarah Dopp isn’t the type to rest on her laurels. She is out on the front lines of community building, getting her hands muddy. If I could compare Sarah to an animal, I would say she is like an ant: able to carry fifty times her own weight, incredibly industrious, and cute to boot. She’s committed to the longevity and health of all her projects, and engenders such loyalty from her communities and volunteers that they follow her across the internet and into the real world. Having worked with Sarah on Genderfork for over a year and a half now (our two year collaboration anniversary is in January) I can safely say that I trust Sarah’s judgment, skill, and gut instincts. She has a knack for understanding the intricacies of working with beings from all walks of life, and can probably help you troubleshoot your non-living friends as well. In the zombie apocalypse, Sarah would not only survive, but she would be one of the first to build a sustainable, thriving community on the ashes of the former world."

Julian Nelson

"When I found myself panicking in the face an online community migration project, I turned to Sarah for guidance. She came to the rescue, helping me untangle my thoughts, assess my budget, and manage my priorities. With her guidance, I gained crucially important perspectives on my project -- ultimately, shifting my strategy in a way that saved me thousands of dollars. A truly gifted consultant, Sarah never once told me what to do: she supported me as I came to my own decisions."

— Ariel Meadow Stallings
Founder / Community Manager, Offbeat Bride

"Sarah knew right where I was coming from. She's familiar with the best of what's being done now and more importantly, what's coming next. She even had bonus ideas about short-term solutions that will enable my clients to take their time as they rework their sites. She understood the people issues and the technical requirements immediately, and shared relevant examples to save me from reinventing the wheel. I look forward to more conversations with Sarah as we build our community."

— Robin Moore
Community Manager, Widville

"Man, would you be lucky to get a Sarah Dopp. She's who I always call first when I want to make some sort of new internetly thing happen. I've always gotten what I needed - sometimes advice, sometimes help, sometimes slightly pursed lips and an almost imperceptible shake of the head. Turning to Sarah has never turned out to be a poor decision for me. I'd bet a lot you'll feel the same."

— S. Bear Bergman
Author and Performer, S. Bear Bergman

Professional Character

"She not only does great work, but brings the kind of perspective, talent and humor that benefits every team. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again."

— Daniel Kamas
Director of Strategy, Interbrand Corporation
From his review on LinkedIn

"Sarah is of top quality in her industry, and is also a wonderful person to work with. She is intelligent, driven, creative, and invested in producing quality results. I recommend Sarah whole-heartedly and welcome an opportunity to work with her again."

— Corey Wanger
Verbal Branding Consultant at Interbrand Corporation
From her review on LinkedIn

"Sarah is one of the most together, interesting and thoughtful folks that I have worked with. Her skills and dedication to detail are superb, and she has an innate ability to take stressful deadlines in stride."

— Hunter Marshall
Director of Strategy, Interbrand Corporation From his review on LinkedIn

Project Management

"Sarah is a responsive and creative manager who's actually interested in getting things working right for all parties involved, not just pleasing one party at the expense of another. Her foundation of practical experience in web development is an indispensable resource for brainstorming, time and task management. She's one of those miraculous people that can make a stressful situation bearable, and a boring situation amusing. I look forward to working with her in the future."

— Kelly Buchanan
User Interface Developer, Percepticon
From her review on LinkedIn

"Sarah has the remarkable ability to distill a project down to its essence, even as that project changes, which they always do. Building and developing on that essence is where Sarah truly thrives, and I’d have been lost so many times without her magic moonshine."

— Hugh Howie

"I have been constantly wowed by Sarah's ability to be efficient and creative in finding innovative solutions for projects and initiatves that require multi-platform support and involve multiple stakeholders. I have seen her repeatedly keep all of the project deliverables on track and prioritized while still giving the necessary attention to smaller projects that are running simultaneously. She delivers on deadline, meets projected goals and is procative and enoyable to work with. I give her my highest recommendation."

Cindy Emch
Programming Manager, Atom Films
From her review on LinkedIn

Website Development

"Few people have the capability Sarah exhibits. She is versatile, sharp, dedicated, flexible, and highly capable. Her contributions to our web development efforts are exemplary. To put it simply, Sarah Dopp rocks!"

— Wayne De Jager
Director of Web Strategy, Interbrand Corporation
From his review on LinkedIn

"Sarah's professionalism, dedication, and creative problem solving set her apart from others in her field. She is committed to getting the job done on time and in budget. She is always just an email away with minimal response times, and asks the right questions to ensure that the job is done exactly how her customers envision their web sites. She has been a pleasure to work with."

— Stephanie Taylor
Owner, Five Little Monkeys
From her review on LinkedIn

"The first person I hired to set up my website made all sorts of promises and delivered on very few of them. The site languished. As soon as Sarah took over, she sent me lists of everything we should try to do to improve traffic, and immediately set me up to track visits and to easily send her updated tasks. Whenever I have an idea, it goes into our planning grid. We prioritized the tasks and are gradually implementing them as the budget allows. She has made numerous changes to QlownTown, improving keywords, membership setup, access to the daily cartoon, text and more. She gives me helpful feedback on my ideas and provides great ideas of her own. She always works in my best interest and—very important—can be trusted with confidential information. I finally have someone I can partner with to take my website to the next level–and beyond!

— Don Smith-Weiss

"Working with Sarah has been a real pleasure. She is fast, direct, communicative, funny and kind to those of us who know very little about the particulars. She brought her skills to our design and concept seamlessly, and made some serious magic."

— Nancy Schwartzman
Filmmaker and Activist,

"Sarah is an extremely diligent worker, and very patient when it comes to explaining everything I need to know about website development."

— Amy André
Educator and Activist,
From her review on LinkedIn

"Sarah does a lot of her web work with well established businesses, so when I approached her about building the site for my massage business I was nervous about it. I didn't know what I wanted, or how I wanted to be represented, I'd never had a website before and I was all questions with no answers. Sarah walked me through the process of figuring it all out in a way that empowered me to make good decisions and taught me a lot about my own presentation in particular and web presences in general. I felt so confident in the work we did together because of the way she facilitated. She is a consummate professional."

— Whitney Moses
Massage Therapist,
From her review on LinkedIn

"Such a brilliant webmistress, doing things with lines of code that boggle the mind! And she knows what writers need out of text formatting too, to boot, being a fine writer herself."

— Joe Gilbert
From his review on LinkedIn

"Sarah is a delight. In addition to her impressive technical expertise, she is possessed of a an amazingly gracious and generous spirit. She has given freely and consistently above-and-beyond expectation, sharing her time and talents in the task of re-designing the Fellowship Church website. Throughout this often frustrating process Sarah has demonstrated patience, creativity, insight, resourcefulness, and impeccable communication skills. Can you tell that I think the world of her?"

— Liza J. Rankow
Interfaith Minister and Founding Director, One Life Institute

Technical Support

"'I just love Sarah Dopp!' is a pretty common phrase uttered around our office. Sarah is amazing at what she does—she’s fast, efficient, and detailed oriented—yet she remains humble. No question is ever too stupid to ask Sarah, no task too small. But the most important thing about Sarah is that she gets our organization, through and through. Unlike others we’ve worked with in the past, we’ve never had to question Sarah’s advice or intentions, because we know she inherently shares the same set of beliefs as our organization. And there’s nothing quite as refreshing as working with a consultant like that—a consultant like Sarah Dopp."

— Amy Lafayette
Community Engagement Coordinator/Web Specialist, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

"Rarely are people this gifted in technical troubleshooting, editing, and understanding the nuances of communicating with target audiences. Sarah Dopp, it turns out, is a one-stop-shop. Our team loves her! Of all consultants I have hired and collaborated with in my career, she is by far the most thorough, efficient and pleasant to work with. Always focused, prepared and completely tuned in to the project. My organization can either pay me for 10 hours of frustrating work to troubleshoot something, or I can call Sarah, who will solve my technical problems within minutes with humor and incredible expertise. She is pleasant, accessible, thorough, and knowledgeable. All her suggestions are well considered and appropriate for the scope of whatever project is at hand. I have yet to get any advice less than brilliant."

— Valerie Vass
Director of Community Engagement, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England


"Sarah Dopp attended my class in Promotional Writing in 2004. To say she was the best writer in the class doesn't do her justice; she was an order of magnitude more talented than even the other strong writers in the class. She also brought a maturity and rigor to her work that is all too rare. From what I have seen of her professional work since then, she has more than fulfilled her promise. I recommend her wholeheartedly, and without the slightest hesitation."

— Dana Morrigan
Copy Director, Haggin Marketing
From her review on LinkedIn

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